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We opened our doors in January of 2009 and have been growing ever since. I worked for a window repair and restoration company for 3 years and before that I had 25 years in various construction trades. I decided to give it a go on my own and so far so good. We have worked on several historic homes in Anaheim and Long Beach and the surrounding areas. Our jobs range fro a 1 window job in Long Beach to a 98 window job in West Hollywood. We service and area from San Clemente to the south and Newhall to north and Riverside to the east.

Proudly serving Long Beach CA, West Hollywood, West L.A. CA, Orange CA and surrounding areas.

Window Restoration Is The Superior Choice Over Replacement

Many homeowners these days are working to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, finding hungry sales people lined up ready to offer expensive energy-saving products that promise to be the best ever. Replacements windows feature high on this list, especially in areas of older homes. Homeowners who have struggled with drafty windows that are difficult to open and close can often be easy marks, not realizing that their existing windows are likely repairable at a significantly reduced price. Moreover, once repaired, old windows generally outlast today's new windows by many years and are just as energy efficient.

There are many reasons why restoration of wood windows is the superior choice to replacement beyond the significant cost savings. One of them is that old wood windows are simply crafted better with superior materials. The mortise and tenon construction of older windows is extremely strong and durable, designed to last, and the reason they have done the job for so long already.

In addition to superior craftsmanship, old wood windows are made with old growth timber that is much more dense and weather resistant that the framed softwoods used in new windows today. Restoration can give them another 100 years of life, far outlasting the 10 to 30 lifetime of new, replacement windows.

Older windows fit the construction, expanding and contracting with the seasons. New replacement windows are rigid and unable to adapt to the movements and shifting of the structure. This frequently results in gaps opening up around the frames with the consequence of more drafts than were experienced with the original windows.

Many of today's replacement windows are made of PVC (poly vinyl chloride), a material that is a significant environmental and health concern. PVC emits gasses over time that have been associated with a number of health disorders, and should a home catch fire, burning PVC releases highly toxic levels of dioxin. Lead is also used in the manufacture of PVC.

Repaired and restored wood windows save 30 - 40% in energy costs. The primary losses of cooling and heating result from a lack of weather stripping, broken glass, and other small, easily repairable items. Energy impact field studies have shown that the first year savings between a replacement window and a restored wooden window was only $0.60. Clearly, restoration is the better financial choice.

Though sales people and marketing efforts for window replacement use environmental arguments for energy reduction to sell their products. However, the using and recycling of existing materials to repair and restore is the only truly "green" method of conservation. Restoration is done by local craftspeople using minimal materials while supporting the community and local economy. For the integrity of the home, the good of the environment, and the benefit of the bank balance, window restoration is the wise choice. Author Resource:- ( We will restore the functionality of your windows, including casement windows, at a fraction of the price it would cost to replace them.

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Windows Repaired and Restored has been in business for 3 years.


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"I have a 1923 house in Anaheim; most of the 28 double sash windows did not work. I really wanted to keep the windows because they make the house unique. I found Doug on Angie's List. He came out, gave me a quote and stuck to the price quoted. He had great communication skills and showed up on time, when he said he would. When Doug came out, he re-roped, fixed the weights and pulleys, sanded and scraped the jambs (I guess you are not supposed to paint them...who knew??) replaced some of the cracked panes and lubricated the jambs with orange oil and beeswax. When Doug finished the windows he offered to come back out after we painted the windows and put the hardware on at no additional cost. Hiring somebody to do work in your house can be a little scary at times, but I promise you with Doug, you are getting an A++ human being and you will not be disappointed with the work he does... Thank you Doug!!!"

Heather O. - Anaheim, CA

"Doug is the best!!! We can't say enough about him. We have a house from 1932 and Doug had a window built and installed in an upstair's bedroom and it looks beautiful. Doug's work is amazing and his pricing for the excellent work he does is more than fair!"

Lisa B. - Long Beach, CA

"Doug refurbished all 13 of our casement (swing out)windows so that they all work with single-hand operation. He favors restoration and use of existing materials vs. replacing since old growth wood that is generally found in older construction tends to be better than the new growth wood commonly used today. He is very dependable and did a great job in getting even our most problematic windows (warped frames, painted over hardware) fully operational. Highly recommended!"

Rachel Q. - Long Beach, CA