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Let me tell you a little about myself and Windows Repaired and Restored, my company. We started in January 2010 with the purpose of making your existing windows open and close properly, but more importantly, we believe that customer service and satisfaction is the the most important part of our business. We stand 100% behind all the work we do and all the windows we work on have a 2 year warranty. If it stops working correctly in that time frame, we will repair it at no cost, parts or labor. My prices are fair and reasonable, all work areas will be covered in drops and tarps and are thoroughly cleaned when we leave every day. We have the utmost respect for your home and property...we treat you as we would like to be treated. And we are thankful for the chance at your business.

A few words about our pricing...When a company decides what to charge for a service, many things come into play, materials, labor and other items that are required for your business that fall under the heading of overhead. As you can see by looking at my price comparisons, I'm between 25-40% less and that can be directly attributed to my overhead or actually, lack of overhead. My overhead consists of the basics, insurance, materials and my labor, so it allows me to charge a FAIR price for each window and you will get better quality work. My competitor has 4 employees that generate income for a payroll of 13. That means they have to charge more and do more windows just to cover costs, which to the customer means higher prices. And sometimes windows won't get the TLC it needs to work properly because the employees have daily quotas to fill and "time is money". I have no daily quota and work on each window until it operates properly and I stand 100% behind my work.

Window Restoration
Labor Only


Double Hung Rope Windows
Double Hung Twin Sash Balance
Double Hung Tape Balance
Single Casement Windows
Double Casement Windows
Metal Casement Windows
Double Hung Weather Stripping
Windows Repaired & Restored
Labor & Parts Included*

Included in Price

*Truth Hardware is extra for newer casement windows.
Hardware such as sash locks and surface bolts are extra.

Licenses / Credentials:
•  We carry $2,000,000 in Liability Insurance

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Services Offered:

  • Repair Rope Double Hung Windows
  • Repair Tape & Sash Balance Windows
  • Repair Wood & Metal Casement Windows
  • Repair and Tune Up Doors


Local: 562-513-5545

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"I have a 1923 house in Anaheim; most of the 28 double sash windows did not work. I really wanted to keep the windows because they make the house unique. I found Doug on Angie's List. He came out, gave me a quote and stuck to the price quoted. He had great communication skills and showed up on time, when he said he would. When Doug came out, he re-roped, fixed the weights and pulleys, sanded and scraped the jambs (I guess you are not supposed to paint them...who knew??) replaced some of the cracked panes and lubricated the jambs with orange oil and beeswax. When Doug finished the windows he offered to come back out after we painted the windows and put the hardware on at no additional cost. Hiring somebody to do work in your house can be a little scary at times, but I promise you with Doug, you are getting an A++ human being and you will not be disappointed with the work he does... Thank you Doug!!!"

Heather O. - Anaheim, CA

"Doug is the best!!! We can't say enough about him. We have a house from 1932 and Doug had a window built and installed in an upstair's bedroom and it looks beautiful. Doug's work is amazing and his pricing for the excellent work he does is more than fair!"

Lisa B. - Long Beach, CA

"Doug refurbished all 13 of our casement (swing out)windows so that they all work with single-hand operation. He favors restoration and use of existing materials vs. replacing since old growth wood that is generally found in older construction tends to be better than the new growth wood commonly used today. He is very dependable and did a great job in getting even our most problematic windows (warped frames, painted over hardware) fully operational. Highly recommended!"

Rachel Q. - Long Beach, CA